A TEAriffic Way to Celebrate a Very Special Day

Pretty Princess

Fairytales have awed our children for ages, princess stories in particular. They are in almost every language and every culture worldwide. Written stories started as early as the 1600’s. Many changes have taken place in these stories over the years such as a simple word mix up in the French word vair instead of verre that changed Cinderella’s fur slippers into glass ones. Although the stories may have changed, it’s still every little girls dream to be a princess.

Fanciful Fairies

Herbs and flowers are part of the mystery of nature. At one time, people who believed in tiny winged fairies, planted certain herbs and flowers in their garden to attract their attention. It was believed they were friendly and would ward of other mischievous spirits. It is an honor to be invited to a tea party with the Fairies, for only those who believe will be rewarded with their presence.

Teddy Bear

These warm friendly furry creatures have been hugged, loved and befriended for over a hundred years. We can thank Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, for giving the teddy bear his name. It began in 1902 when a cartoon bear from the Washington Post was transformed into a toy for children. Teddy bears love to attend tea parties too.

Event Planning and Party Services

Have you ever been planning, decorating, serving dinner, or cleaning up after one of your parties, and wished you had someone to help you?  Call today to find out how we can help you with your next party or event, at an affordable price.  We can make any event easier, happier and less stressful for you.  When the party ends, it’s a happy memory.

"Customized Happy Memories Tea Parties (tm) for a Very Special Day!"

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